Nicolas Joray Initiator of a replacement event for the Basler fasnacht. Author of the cinema documentary, “Yschtoo-get ready for the Carnival of Basle”. Switzerland: Fasnacht locked up (abstract/description of the film presentation) It won’t be a truly 30-minute film, rather a multimedia discussion piece film parts and photographs accompanied byContinue Reading

Ilona Vojancová Open-air museum Vysocina Restrictions during the pandemic and their impact on specific traditions in eastern Bohemia The Open-air museum Vysocina is engaged in research of traditional folk culture and is an Assigned regional specialised centre of care for traditional folk culture in the Pardubice Region in the spiritContinue Reading

Laurent S. Fournier IDEMEC UMR 7307 CNRS Aix-Marseille-University France: Resisting the Pandemia Through Festivals and Rituals (abstract) Since 2020 the pandemic has caused the cancellation of most public holidays. It is therefore legitimate to wonder what alternatives are imagined to resist this situation. Starting from the point of view thatContinue Reading

Sarah M. Pike California State University, Chico Weeping Avatars and the Work of Memory in Virtual Burning Man Rituals (abstract) Do Avatars Weep? Ritual and Sacred Space at Virtual Burning Man. In April 2020, the organizers of Burning Man, a transformational festival in the western US, decided to go virtual.Continue Reading

Joanna Malita-Król Institute for the Study of Religions, Jagiellonian University in Kraków Poland: Strategies of adopting to the COVID-19 pandemic among different Pagan groups in Krakow (abstract) Most of religious milieus were forced to rearrange their rituals practices in the face of the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic. In the Polish context,Continue Reading

Judit Balatonyi University of Pécs, Department of European Ethnology – Cultural Anthropology; Eötvös Loránd Research Network (Hungary) Hungary: From Public to Private – From “Big Fat” to “Micro”-Weddings: Getting married in the time of COVID-19 (abstract) During the COVID-19 pandemic getting married has changed considerably all over the world. InContinue Reading

Jack Santino Bowling Green State University (retired) Challenged Traditions: Preliminary thoughts on Adaptations, Creation, and Re-creation of Public Performances During the Covid Pandemic (abstract) It has become clear during the pandemic how important traditional rituals and celebrations are to people, as Americans and Europeans refused to abandon annual and personalContinue Reading

Daniel Hansson is the conductor of the university ensemble called Malmö Akademiska Kör (in English Malmö Academic Choir) based in the city of Malmö in Sweden (read more here about the ensamble and here about Daniel Hansson). He kindly answered my questions about last years celebrations of St. Lucia (theContinue Reading