Location: all around Sweden, processions usually organized by cities, schools, universities etc. (but in general is Saint Lucy’s day celebrated to a certain extent by other European countries as well). Date: the 13th of December Common names: Luciatåg (Sweden), Lussinatt (Norway), Luciadag (Denmark and Finland), Luutsinapäev (Estonia), Saint Lucy’s day, Lucia Day (English speaking countries).Continue Reading

Location: Roztoky (near Prague), Czech Republic Date: Saturday before Ash Wednesday, which is the beginning of Christian Lent period Description: Shrovetide in Roztoky consists primarily of the procession of masks that starts in the city and continues to find its peak on local hill called Holý vrch. This hummock servesContinue Reading

Location: Japan Date: 7-day festival held according to the region (March – May) Description: Sadness is inevitably bound up with the experience of beauty, because nothing lasts. This buddhist-coloured thought about impermanence together with the Shinto communion with nature forms the celebration of fleeting beauty in the form of theContinue Reading

THE GREATEST OUTDOOR SHOW ON EARTH Location: Calgary, Canada Date: June Description: The story of the first Calgary Stampede goes back over 100 years and tells how the celebration of typical cattlemen life in the wild west was established. The first Stampede was focused mainly on the competition in rodeoContinue Reading