Location: all around Sweden, processions usually organized by cities, schools, universities etc. (but in general is Saint Lucy’s day celebrated to a certain extent by other European countries as well). Date: the 13th of December Common names: Luciatåg (Sweden), Lussinatt (Norway), Luciadag (Denmark and Finland), Luutsinapäev (Estonia), Saint Lucy’s day, Lucia Day (English speaking countries).Continue Reading

Date: June Location: The Black Hills mountain range, South Dakota, USA Description: The Sacred Hoop 500 Mile Run is a circuit around the Black Hills. “It is an annual run that serves over 150 Lakota youth. Kids run a 5-day, 500-mile relay that follows a sacred loop around the Black Hills andContinue Reading

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands Date: November 11th; All Hallows’ Eve Description: St. Marten’s Celebrations consist of a week-long set of events, culminating in a lantern procession held in the Town Centre of Utrecht. Today’s parade/procession is a secular revival of the celebration of St. Martin (the city’s patron saint), emphasizing charityContinue Reading