Nicolas Joray – Switzerland: Fasnacht locked up

Nicolas Joray
Initiator of a replacement event for the Basler fasnacht. Author of the cinema documentary, “Yschtoo-get ready for the Carnival of Basle”.

Switzerland: Fasnacht locked up

(abstract/description of the film presentation)

It won’t be a truly 30-minute film, rather a multimedia discussion piece film parts and photographs accompanied by a live spoken intro, total duration 30 minutes.
A search for traces of questions that I would like to bring in:

Whether and how traditional forms of social events can also take place digitally like a valve, how they can change and also open new ways and forms.
How far will they be able to touch the viewer emotionally, but also those actively involved?
What will change for the participants and collaborators?
Did the Corona restriction also lead to a return to past and forgotten forms?

I try to shoot another one or two interviews on these questions during this spring and I will mainly focus on those actively involved, such as artists, clique members.

Biography of the author:

1952 born in Basle/Switzerland, 1978-2008 Berlin based; lives and works now in Switzerland.
As a cinematographer, he has collaborated on numerous distinguished productions in the international film and television industry. Among them, the Oscar-nominated documentary “The Yellow Star”; “Tausend Kraniche musst du falten”, Best Documentary Film at the Hessian Film and “Bye Bye Berlusconi!”, which won Best Production at the Bavarian Film Awards, Awards, and the Femina-Film-Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival, respectively.
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