Name of Event: “Vynášení Morany” [Disposing of Morana] (Morana/Mařena/Mařana = female personification of Winter) Location: Prague Date: fifth Sunday of the Lent Period (also designated as “Deathly Sunday”), typically the end of March Description: Disposing of Morana is a revival of a Slavic folk-tradition of discarding the personification of WinterContinue Reading

Olga V. Cieslarova Basel ist eine wunderschöne Stadt am Ufer des Rheins, nur einen Steinwurf von Frankreich und Deutschland entfernt und mit zweihunderttausend Einwohnern die drittgrößte Stadt der Schweiz. Der Karneval, der in seiner heutigen Form seit Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts gefeiert wird, ist der größte des Landes (rund dreißigtausendContinue Reading

Olga Věra Cieslarová Während der Fasnacht, der grössten Fasnacht der Schweiz, verwandelt sich die Stadt Basel jedes Jahr in einen Umzug von maskierten Gruppen. Die Fasnacht ist ein Geysir der Kreativität, ein satirischer Kommentar zum Zeitgeschehen, an dem sich Tausende von Bürgerinnen und Bürgern aus allen Gesellschaftsschichten beteiligen. Alles inContinue Reading

Kylie McCormick University of Birmingham Create Your Own Liminal: the interesting way Glastonbury fans created a liminal experience in 2020 and what Festival Organizers should learn (abstract) This paper will be a three staged exploration of the importance of the liminal experience noted in music festivals, how festival attendees ofContinue Reading

Tiziana Soverino IADT Ireland: A spookier Halloween? (abstract) A spookier Halloween? 2020 Halloween celebrations in Ireland. Halloween or Samhain, November 1st, is one of the Quarter Days of Irish tradition, alongside Saint Bridget’s Day (1st February), May Day (1st May), and Lúnasa (1st August). Samhain, marking the beginning of winter,Continue Reading

Leonore van den Ende VU University of Amsterdam Festivals as innovative spaces for sustainability transition (abstract) While ritual studies generally focus on temporary, singular and out-of-the ordinary events, practice studies have been primarily concerned with ongoing, everyday activity. On the other hand, the “everyday” itself is punctuated with liminal orContinue Reading

Alain Grimm Documentalist of the Basler Fasnacht Vogel Gryff in Basel – Dokumentation of absence of the ritual (abstract of the photo-presentation and commentary) The Vogel Gryff (Festival of the Griffin) is an annual festival in Kleinbasel (a district of Basel/Switzerland) in January, during which the three symbolic figures VogelContinue Reading

Viola Teisenhoffer Charles University, Prague, Department of Religious Studies Hungary: Tacit trust – reflections on the relational implications of the Covid-19 pandemic in contemporary Pagan revival (abstract) Persons engaged in contemporary Pagan renewal in Hungary coped with the restrictions implemented during the first and second waves of the Covid-19 pandemicContinue Reading

Michael Fuchs Fasnachtsmuseum Schloss Langenstein Carnival customs in Corona times, between prohibition and renitence (abstract) Radolfzell, Germany: Carnival customs in Corona times, between prohibition and renitence. The intangible cultural heritage carnival, recognized by UNESCO, has been repeatedly banned in Central Europe since the late Middle Ages. From this, however, strategiesContinue Reading

Daniela Stavělová Institute of Ethnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences Music, dance and festivities as a vehicle how to build the public space and local identity (abstract) The presentation will focus on different types of festivities in urban space which have their origins in the culture of the traditionalContinue Reading