Walk of Wisdom

The Walk of Wisdom was founded in 2015, in the city of Nijmegen, consisting of a 136km route around the city. A new twist on the age-old practice of pilgrimage, the aims of the walk include reconnecting people to their bodies, inspiring sustainability practices, building networks around the globally shared and adaptable rites and practices of walking.

From the Walk of Wisdom Website:

More and more people ask themselves classic life questions on old pilgrim roads such as the Camino to Santiago de Compostella or the Henro in Japan. The number of pilgrims to Santiago de Compostella alone went from 2.491 in 1984 to 272.135 in 2010. Pilgrims praise the simplicity of walking days on a row. Pacing on the same road and destination and connected with their bodies (albeit painfully) Social status becomes irrelevant when you walk the same road to the same destination. A pilgrimage for many becomes a reconnection with nature and their body (it might take a blister).

Inspired by this development the Walk Wisdom was founded in 2015. On the 21. of June a pioneer trail was opened of 136 kilometers around Nijmegen. The first step towards a new pilgrimage independent of a religion. With global aspirations: wisdom transcends all borders of culture and nationality.

A small pilgrimage with a big idea
The Walk of Wisdom connects classic life questions with modern themes: the search for authenticity and the challenge to live with billions of people on the same planet. The choices we make as individuals affect the planet as a whole and the evolution of the planet as a whole affects each of us individually. How? That is an open question, which deserves a new, global rite.

The Walk of Wisdom is meant to be just that: a searching metaphor. One that connects to basic instincts and lofty aspirations at the same time. A pilgrimage with a big idea that will eternally begin with the small gesture of a single step. The trail will differ depending on each country, but begin and end will be the same: the heart of every pilgrim that heads for the road.

We believe it is wisdom to search for common ground by exploring our deepest humanity. Opinions and experiences will differ, life and the planet is shared. The deeper our journey, the more common will the answers be that makes life worth living. It is possible to learn from each other.

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