Ritual in Motion is a research network of Charles University’s Faculty of Arts. We work with writers, artists, journalists, practitioners, academics, and organizers to gather, produce, and publish quality writing, video and film, photo exhibits, and podcasts, focused on a ‘genre’ of ritual/performative action: processions and corteges, protests and marches, walks and pilgrimages, races and quests, chivarees and parades. Though our geographical focus is on Europe, we welcome submissions dealing with any geographical/cultural area; though we highlight contemporary events and process, and promote discussion of ritual creativity and criticism, we welcome historical perspectives.

Our aim is simple: to provide well-crafted digital media that advances reflection on the aesthetic, political, religious, and social relevance and implications of ritual in motion, in a forum and format that bridges academic research, artistic practice, social enterprise, and community building.

The content gathered and published here is meant to serve as annotation, commentary, and elucidation of ritual and ritualized action that possess the power to mobilize people in public spaces and, with that, to change or develop practices and values that make our world one worth living in.

Most of the content published here comes from regular and invited contributions. But we welcome new voices to the conversation, regardless of your background; quality is what we are after. If you have an idea for a submission, and would like to be a guest contributor, please contact us, using the form below. We will try to respond within two weeks.

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