Date: May, every two years

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Zinneke is a living city project that creates opportunities for meeting, collaboration, cooperation and creation and it also generates an artistic and social dynamic between residents, associations, schools and artists from different districts in Brussels and elsewhere. All the artictic project are developed through the participants of workshops. which are as much meeting places for people whose paths would never cross in everyday life as havens of creativity where new methods and forms of collective acts of solidarity are forever being reinvented.

Historically, Zinneke was a parade project conceived as part of Brussels 2000, European City of Culture. Made up of residents and artists it highlights the rich culture of Brussels, which is by definition cosmopolitan and pluralistic, and is the expression of a desire to build bridges between the 18 municipalities and the city centre, between the people of Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia, by mobilising the (socio) cultural associations.

Links: Zinneke (official website)